Our Services

Otak is one of the Market leaders in Earthing & Lightning Protection field within Middle East and North Africa region on which we provides the following aspects:
OTAK offer design, Installation, site support and supervision services for Earthing & Lightning Protection in accordance with the new BS EN 62305. Design of Earthing systems to BS 7430:2011 and Local Codes of practice, Soil Resistivity Tests & Reports, Earth Resistance Tests & Reports.

We offer our clients a complete service ranging from:

  • Risk assessments to determine if a Lightning protection system is required
  • Installation of a Lightning Protection System to comply with BS EN 62305
  • Design, installation and on site consultation for Lightning protection and Earthing systems to ensure that they comply with BS EN 62305 and BS7430
  • Redesigning of proposed system, our company is proud of the fact that we can often offer our clients a cost saving by redesigning the systems issued at construction stage
  • Installation of Earthing systems to comply with BS 7430
  • We offer a full maintenance package off test and survey reports of existing systems.
  • Provide Marked up drawings/schematics providing details of the installed system.